If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

What is TOA UNITE?

We’re launching our very own free NFT collection, TOA UNITE, as our way to give back and say thanks to everyone who has been part of our journey over the years. If you’ve ever attended one of our festivals, spoken on stage, hosted a satellite event, been a sponsor, volunteered as a crew member, or covered our events as a journalist, we’re offering you a free unique NFT as our way to say thanks for making TOA what it is today. We know that our attendees are more than just fans. They are key CONTRIBUTORS to the success and future of TOA.

Who can claim?

Anyone who had a ticket to a TOA Festival! Claim it now for free! 

What if I have a TOA20 ticket?

Your ticket from TOA20 is still valid for TOA23.  You can still claim a free NFT, and we look forward to seeing you at TOA23!

What if I don't have a wallet?

No problem! You can easily create a wallet with https://www.crossmint.io/. It takes a few seconds to create and you do not need to connect with any crypto wallet - just an email! Or check out our TOA Web3 wiki for a step-by-step guide on how to set up a Crypto wallet.  

Do I need to pay for the NFT?

No, the UNITE NFT is a FREE gift. We will airdrop the NFT to your wallet and we will also pay the gas fees.

I don’t know anything about NFTs and want to know more before I proceed. Do you have any learning resources?

YES! We have put together a TOA Web3 wiki to give you the most relevant and thorough education about NFTs, no matter your current knowledge.

What does the star on the NFT mean?

One star is equal to one year attended. Receive a star for every festival you’ve attended.
E.g  1 star = 1 year attended; 3 stars = 3 years attended

What if I fit in more than one CONTRIBUTOR category? Which NFT should I claim?

For those of you that have contributed in multiple ways, maybe first as an Explorer (general ticket holder) and later as a Speaker, you can choose the CONTRIBUTOR that you feel best suits you.

I have never been to a TOA Festival. Can I still claim an NFT?

Sadly not. However, your chance to attend your first TOA Festival and claim a UNITE NFT after is coming soon.

Will I receive my NFT immediately?

You will receive your NFT by airdrop within 2 weeks of your claim.

I have claimed my NFT. What’s next?

Great, congrats! We will first verify your name and email as a past attendee; then, once verified, you will receive your NFT by airdrop within 2 weeks of your claim.

I have been verified but have not yet received my TOA UNITE NFT. What should I do?

If you have not yet received an email from us stating your verification success and you have not received your TOA UNITE NFT after 14 days from the day you claimed, please email us at hi@toaberlin.com