How to claim

Follow these simple instructions to request and claim your free TOA UNITE NFT

1. Claim

If you previously attended a TOA Festival click CLAIM.

2. Identity Verification

Next you will enter your email and let us know what ticket type you had at the TOA Festival that you last attended.

3. Set up your wallet

Make sure you have an ETH-supported wallet ready for the airdrop. Don’t have a wallet yet, no problem! Set up a custodial wallet in under 1 min or find our guide on how to setting up a wallet on our TOA Web3 Wiki.

4. wait for airdrop

Once verified you will receive your NFT via airdrop within 2 weeks. 

5. Unite

Reap the rewards and benefits of your free TOA UNITE NFT.

As part of the launch of our TOA UNITE NFT, we have created a useful library of NFT resources in our TOA Web3 Wiki.